Review: Montreal, City of Secrets

Montreal, City of Secrets

Confederate Operations in Montreal during the American Civil War

by Barry Sheehy

A Review by Mark Colin Reid - March 19, 2018


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Opinion: A haven for escaped slaves-and Confederate operatives

 Montreal Gazette Homepage

Underground Railroad was only part of the story: History is  often more complicated and contradictory than our national lore might suggest.


National Post cite's author Barry Sheehy's comments on Canada role in American Civil War

"Canadians love to virtue signal about Civil War, but Confederates had Canada's support."

Special to National Post

Special to National Post

November 7, 2017

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Montreal Gazette looks at link to America's Confederacy and Sheehy's City of Secrets

August 17, 2017

Author Barry Sheehy's new book, Montreal: City of Secrets, is referenced amidst controversy surrounding commemorative plaque.

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Polish Online Magazine Polksa Canada reprints Sheehy Article

Canada's principle online Polish Magazine, Polksa Canada, reprints Sheehy's article "No Greater Allies - The Poles and Canada." (Original article listed under Recent Articles tab.)

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Montreal: City of Secrets, Favorably Reviewed by French Newspaper

Author Barry Sheehy's new book, Montreal: City of Secrets, was favorably reviewed by Le Devoir, Canada's leading French newspaper.

Le Devoir has been publishing since 1910. Based in Montreal, Le Devoir distributes nationally in Canada. It is an important journal in its own right and very influential in the general as well as the francophone communities.

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Who's flying the plane?

Pilots used to be in command of their airliners, but automation is taking over and we are seeing the results.

Commentary by Barry and Matt Sheehy

CBC/Radio Canada Interview

Barry Sheehy - Sydney Port Development

Why is it that some people think a container port in Sydney Harbour is a "pie in the sky" dream, while others see Sydney as being one of the great centers of port development in the next decade? Barry Sheehy is a consultant for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.


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Barry Sheehy discusses the opportunity for development at Port of Sydney